DID YOU KNOW ABOUT NEW ASUS ZENBOOK 14 | Gadgets Blade (Mon, 2021-Jun-21)

Today we are talking about the world one of the smallest 14 –inch display laptops which is launched by Asus and features a breathtaking frameless non-edge. You are free in this device with your creative power. Ausu zenbook 14ux43f is a premimum ultraportable14 –inch laptop. This laptop's performance and its zest in the form of the screen pad is 2.0.

Asus Zenbook 14

They give you the most compact design ever. In this laptop the zenbook 14 heralds a new era of ultraportable desing . it also has an ultracompact and it also has ultralight chassis. This featuring the four-sided nano display, the zenbook 14 is one of the world's smallest and smaller than another laptop. It helps you explore your creative vision anywhere!!!
                                              Thin =16.9mm
                                              Light =1,15kg
                                              Compact size =A4
                                              Smaller = 13%

Asus Zenbook 14 design

Unbounded beauty:
This laptop design gives you more screen in less physical space. This nano edge design has on bezel ha four sides to make this visual laptop more immersive and with less distraction for your eyes. This features wide-view technology for clear images and also viewed for extreme angles. The zenbook ha crisp and clear high-resolution display. This display gives you the best visual wind viewing angles.
                                           Ultraslim bezels =2.9 mm
                                           Screen to body ratio 92% FHD display =14”
                                            sRGB =100%
                                            wide view technology 178

The new zenbook14 sacrifice his performance for his size, the row power of this laptop effortless on the computing. The latest intel core processors also with NVIDIA graphics with a full complement of high-quality. This laptop never keeps you waiting when your creating complex documents. Mining data. Retouching photos are when you are editing a video.  
It’s have,
                                                     Windows 10 pro
                                                    10th Gen CPU = core i7
                                                    Turbo boost =4.9GHZ
                                                     NVIDIA Gpu = MX350
                                                     Memory = 16GB
                                                  PCL SSD sstorage = 1TB



Overall it’s a full package on one laptop. If you are a daily laptop user or you need a laptop for your daily it’s perfect for you. You easily carry it whatever you want and where you can!!
It’s a very good creation by Asus for Morden generation people.

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